10 June 2021

Spare parts at home within 24 hours

Once the machinery has been purchased, one of the most common purchases made by farmers are spare parts for the machinery (tractors, combines, implements, etc.) and if there is something important in machinery, that is their maintenance (the life cycle cost of the product). So a few days ago, we decided to search and buy on Internet some spare parts that we needed... the experience has been worthy and quick that we will tell you about it below. 

We needed a socket spanner set, some filters and oils, so we started to search on Internet and in the first few entries the Kramp website appeared. On this website, you can buy in different ways that we indicate below but basically we contacted them and they immediately pointed us to the product we were looking for and provided us with the nearest distributor in our area... within 24 hours we had the socket spanner set, among other things, at home. A fantastic shopping experience!! 

As we indicated, it is possible to buy through these 4 options, although it is highly recommended to visit the contact page where you have all the details. 

If we talk about Kramp's website, you can see that it is very structured in clear sections by brands and models of machinery. For example, for our tractor, we have the Deutz-Fahr section and more specifically the M-Series Agrotron section, so it is very easy to find the spare parts (both original and generic adaptable spare parts are available)... perhaps if the prices were visible it would be much better. 

Researching a little more about Kramp, we highlight that it is a company that was founded in the Netherlands in 1951 and is currently present in more than 24 European countries. Sales are focused on its distributor deals (Kramp currently works with almost 4,000 distributors in Spain and Portugal). Kramp runs 3 own brands (Kramp, Gopart and Farma) and also offers a wide range of products from more than 4,000 brands

In 2018 it merged with Recinsa, offering farmers a range of more than 500,000 references and they have a complete catalogue of spare parts for machinery and implements such as implements. Agricultural spare parts make up the bulk of Kramp's product offering but they also have a selection of parts for gardening, forestry, public works and livestock machinery. And also a selection of accessories with everything you might need in a workshop: tools, work clothes, storage, etc. We think they follow the idea that customers find everything in Kramp and customers do not need to order from many different suppliers. 

In conclusion, we would like to point out that in our opinion it is very appropriate for spares acquisition having a digital shop window to allow users from all parties to access a large product catalogue, which provides us with a service with very short response times that translates into improved maintenance and support times for our machinery. 

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31 May 2021

New Fendt 211... The special one

After several days of hard work with the new Fendt 211 Profi+ FendtONE Gen3, the greatest conclusion is that Fendt has outdone itself once again. The Fendt 211, one of the smallest tractors in this German brand's range, has a specification similar to that of any other model in the higher power series. It marks you once you have worked with him, especially for its great agility and smoothness.

We worked with the Fendt 211 a few days to carry out numerous tasks in the field: soil preparation, spraying in pulse vegetables crops and olive grove tasks with the Hardi Zaturn 2000 sprayer. In all these jobs, the tractor gets top marks. It is also remarkable the consumption of its 3-cylinder engine, since these engines have very low fuel consumption, but when heavy traction work is required, as usual, the consumption increases considerably. That was our feeling when we were working with the cultivator of 15 tines, although we did not analyse the consumption in detail. We think these cultivator is too big for this tractor.

The tractor has a lot of very interesting characteristics but the most important ones are: maximum speed at very low engine speed, stepless gearbox is very convenient for road and PTO work, tractor management is very easy and quick to learn thanks to the new FendtONE concept and the autoguiding system works very fine.

In terms of the technical features, these would be the most important ones:

  • Agco Power AP 33 AWI engine with 3.3 litres and 2 cylinders (Stage V).  
  • Maximum power: 114 HP. 
  • Maximum torque: 508 Nm at 1,600 r.p.m. 
  • Fuel tank capacity of 125 litres and 16 litres of adBlue.
  • New stepless gearbox Vario ML 75.
  • Maximum speed of 40 km/h at 1,550 r.p.m.
  • Mechanical cab suspension and front axle hydro-pneumatic suspension.
  • Lifting force rear of 4,200 kg (front lift of 2,540 kg).
  • PTO speed: 540/540E/1000.
  • Pump flow rate of 104 l/min (close centre with load sensing).
  • Wheelbase: 2,370 mm.    
  • Net Weight of 4,280 kg and effective load of 3,220 kg.
  • Steering radius of 4.2m.  

Even though we have already talked about the many strengths of the new Fendt 211, there are also some small details that we believe could be improved for future updates of the tractor. They are listed below:

  • The cab steps are anchored to the fuel tank. This idea is commonly used in many models and brands of tractors, but we don't like it, as the fuel tank suffers too much. 
  • The cab is very nice but it should be better finished on the inside. The front is uncovered and you can see the posters.
  • There are not many working lights, especially at the rear where there are only two.
  • Position and indicator lights are small and sometimes not visible.

In conclusion, it should be noted that this is a compact tractor with a large capacity and some very innovative functionalities for a machine in its range. But like everything in life there are small details that could be improved and we would be delighted to see these minor changes.