31 March 2023

Sunflower field preparation

We had the opportunity to spent a nice day with our friends Juan Fran and his son Diego. An impressive day due to the geographical location (you can see the photos and video) including the Monastery of Uclés (Cuenca) for the helpful machinery they have for their harrowing work. As we have already mentioned, visiting Uclés is always a pleasure as it is a very charming village. Besides, spending the morning sharing agricultural anecdotes with Juan Fran and Diego is always quite entertaining.

With regard to the work carried out, we will talk about the preparation of the field for the next sowing of sunflower, which will take place at the end of April and during the month of May. Let's hope for some rain much sooner as it has not rained since the beginning of January and the cereal and pulse vegetables are already in a critical situation. We do not know how this season is going to end :(

Finally, if we focus on the machinery that we saw working, we can highlight their two New Holland T7 Series, considered as ery robust and beautifully designed tractors. New Holland has a very competitive product in the T7 series. Also noteworthy is the Gil cultivator with the stone protection system based on rubber suspensions. It was the first time we had seen it in the field, and we liked it a lot, I looks very well manufactured with many details that make it a top cultivator. We are used to rubber suspensions system (we have the Ovlac Minichisel) and we always say that this suspensions system is much better than traditional system based on springs... but each farmer has to experience this in the field in order to form his own opinion.

Versión en español.