28 February 2018

FIMA 2018

The 40th edition of FIMA Farm Fair (in Zaragoza - Spain) closed its doors on 24th February. Its statistics are really good: 1,572 exhibitors, 160,080 s.q.m and more than 240,000 visitors. Despite having visitors of up to 72 nationalities, the fair is still national scope. We had the opportunity to speak with different exhibitors who told us this edition was a success because there were a lot of professional visitors and they were really interested in exposed machinery, even exhibitors could sell a few machinery, fact that had been really difficult in previous editions. The farm fair began with great expectation because King Felipe VI inaugurated the farm fair and he visited its 11 pavilions and even he took an interest in the machinery exhibited in more than 15 stands.

Definitely, FIMA farm fair is a fantastic  storefront for all manufacturers, but it is even more significant for all farmers who would like to find a specific machinery because they have a large variety of machinery to compare easily and quickly different specifications and brands. Of course, sometimes large machinery is exposed (exhibitors like showing big machinery) and they are not ideal for a large group of farmers (unfortunately the poor and dry Spanish agriculture predominates). On the other hand, many exhibitors showed medium and small machinery that are very interesting for the majority of Spanish small farmers.  For example, we would like to buy an olive sprayer and  mulcher, so we were able to see and compare a great variety of brands and models exposed.

Regarding novelty, we would like to mention technical novelties awarded, we were proud of seeing new tractor models launched in Agritechnica (Germany) only a few months ago. Besides, we could reaffirm technology of autosteering system, drones, field yield maps are already consolidated. A part from that, we checked implements (especially seed drill, spreaders, sprayers,...) every time are bigger and even more accurate to save costs and so many interesting things that you can see in our videos that we show you below and in our wide photo gallery.

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