26 June 2012

Hispanic barley: Harvesting day

Barley harvesting has started!! After working barley during the whole year, the harvesting day arrived, which has been a complex year because it didn't rain until last days in March. Then, if we can harvest with good results they will be an excellent achievement.

This year we have sowed hispanic barley and we think it has a smaller performance than volley barley we are used to sow. Their grain is similar, but volley barley weight is bigger. In the end, the average is 4,000kg/ha this campaign, it is a really good result because our fields don't have water systems.

As usual, Juan José de la Fuente's combine harvested our barley. The Claas Lexion 540 is a fantastic combine! With the C660 head and a working speed of 5.8km/h they can daily harvest a large amount of fields without almost problems.

The next day, we again visited our cousin Kike (he was harvesting volley barley), so we could make a new video of John Deere W650. We don't know this combine in detail, but the first impressions were that it has strength and agility...we think they are like strong characteristics of John Deere tractors.

You can see two videos from here: Claas Lexion 540 and John Deere W650

18 June 2012

Installing taps and performing last details

Once our jar is fixed to its base, we have to install its taps and we have to finish last details with few cement. 

We are going to use two taps: one of 2'' and other of 0.5''. The main goal is we can fill our sprayer as quick as it is possible and we can fill easily our tanks, they will be used to water our vegetable garden and fill our deposit for chickens. We have to install a level indicator. It has a small piece of red plastic what is going to indicate us the water level in our jar.
Regarding cement which was used, it has been installed only for aesthetics, so the bottom jar is more beautiful now. We used cement in a zone what didn't have cement because formwork sheets were fixed there... I think it is great.