25 July 2017

Bet on red: Massey Ferguson

​Our great friend Julián Martínez bet on red when he bought the new Massey Ferguson 5712 SL Essential. Of course, the Massey Ferguson's slogan is fantastic and it can brief the good jobs carried out in last years by the manufacturer and especially the subsidiary in Spain: great professionals that want to do a good job with prices really adjusted to the Spanish market. This is a France tractor (it comes from Beauvais factory), and it was delivered by Agrocampo dealer (Albacete) in only a few weeks.

Julián told us that he had some offers of different brands. Finally, he decided to buy the Massey Ferguson 5712 SL Essential which we consider a right decision because:
  1. It is in an ideal power segment for a small Spanish farmer.
  2. It is a very versatile tractor that will be used to work with implements (cultivator, plough, seed drill, sprayer, fertilizer ...) front loader and transport with trailer. The Series 5700 SL has been the tractor of the year 2016 in the modality of "Best Utility".
  3. It owns enough technological equipment to avoid becoming obsolete in many years.
  4. The specifications-quality-price ratio has been the best.
Julián has a good opinion about his tractor after 100 working hours. The tractor conveys a sense of extraordinary power. Its engine (AGCO Power) can generate high power from very low engine revolutions (it has a fairly flat torque curve). The Dyna4 gearbox ​is very fine and soft both on the road and working in the field. Another remarkable feature that stands out is the beauty of the tractor. Its ​bonnet​ ​is singularity, since it has a pronounced drop that certainly helps to work with the frontloader. The ​bonnet​ ​is made of polycyclopentadiene (a very strong plastic).

The main features that we would highlight of the Massey Ferguson 5712 SL Essential are described below:
  • AGCO Power 4.4 litres and 4 cylinders. Electronic injection/Common rail.
  • Selective catalytic reduction high Efficiency SCR "all in one" technology.
  • Max power at 2,000 rpm: 120 HP.
  • Max torque at 1,600 rpm: 502Nm.
  • New dashboard with SIS - Setup and information color screen.
  • Dyna4 16F/16R Semi-powershift gearbox with left-hand Power control.
  • Transmission to neutral with brake setting​ for frontloader tasks.​
  • Max speed: 40 km/h.
  • Max oil flow: 100 l/min with two standard spool valves.
  • Max lift capacity of rear linkage: 5.200 kg.
  • PTO speeds: 540/540 ECO/1,000.
  • 4,800 kg weight and 2,550 mm wheelbase.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 180 litres.
  • Firestone 380/85 R28 and 460/85 R38 tyres.
  • MMA of 8,500kg (max load front axle of 3,500kg and max load rear axle of 6,400 kg).

Versión en español.