31 December 2020

A specialist with more options than a tractor of 400 HP

The fact that Deutz-Fahr has been committed to steeples transmission in its tractor for many years is a proven fact. Almost the entire range of tractors has this type of transmission (from 5 Series to 9 Series), but recently the 5 Series in its specialist tractor variants has become a very exclusive tractor and we would say that it is a unique tractor. If the Deutz-Fahr 5 DF, or the Same Frutteto, was already one of the best specialist tractor, he becomed a unique tractor in its segment at the moment of adding the options of ActiveDrive (independent suspension on the front axle) and ActiveSteer (the four wheels are directional and rear wheels can turn up to 20º). These improvements have made it the best option for the most exquisite farmers with their work and especially with their tractors. The ActiveSteer, the last improvement we mentioned, is the one that makes this tractor have better specifications than a 400 HP tractor and exclusive in the market. 

A few months ago, we were able to try and, especially, enjoy the Deutz-Fahr 5115 DF TTV ActiveSteer-ActiveDrive during a working day in the vineyard with our friend Helio and Oscar (El Provencio - Cuenca). There, we could test the tractor with a FerroPRO S.L. cultivator, with a General shredder and also in transport works. The sensations were very good as the tractor is driven very comfortably. The cabin, although it is small, has all the comfort options, the turning radius is very small because the four wheels are steerable (although we didn't really see this as a huge advantage either) and the independent suspension is a joy on the roads. Initially the tractor is somewhat complex to drive because of the many options available, but with practice we understand that this is not a problem. We also found the driving mode only with joystick (without accelerator) a bit strange.

You can find the most important features of the Deutz-Fahr 5115 DF TTV ActiveSteer-ActiveDrive bellow (you can see here how the Same Frutteto CVT or the Deutz-Fahr 5 DF TTV are made):  

  • FARMotion engine of 3,849 cm3 and 4-cylinder (Stage IIIB). 
  • Maximum power of 113 HP and 435 Nm (ECER120). 
  • TTV Stepless transmission, designed by SDF (T3500). 
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h at only 1,650 r.p.m. 
  • PTO 540/540E/1000. 
  • Independent suspension with double wishbone of the front wheels. 
  • Closed-centre hydraulic system of 100 l/min (only for the lift and distributors). Pump of 42 l/min for the steering.   
  • Four-wheel steering. 
  • Cab with Cat 4 filter system and flat platform. 

We would like to publish this last post of this year to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021. Next year, we have good health, rain and a good harvest. 

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17 December 2020

Soil preparation: crushing stones

Today we bring you another of the tasks of soil preparation to have a good seed bed is the removal of the stones ... especially on fields where these stones are abundant.  

In this sense, the farmer can choose one of two options: to pick the stones and leave them on a border of the field or to choose the option of crushing them, which is the case here. If we choose to collect the stones, the advantage is that the soil is not altered in any way in terms of the contribution that the crushed stone can make to the soil, but that the stones form cairns which are usually places where rabbits live (this can be a serious problem). If we choose to crush stones, it is often said that the contribution generated by the ground stone can impoverish the qualities of the soil... In our case we have ground the stone and we have not noticed any loss in the yield of the plot. 

Some years ago we published a post where we talked about these crushing works as you can see here. On this occasion we visited our friend Jose Angel to see his TMC Cancela machine as you can see in our video and photos. This machine has been designed for surface work with medium-powered tractors, making it ideal for farmers who do not make super-intensive use of the machine. TMC Cancela has other models for more intensive use but already requires high power tractors and in our area they are not the usual ones. 

Before the stone is crushed, it is essential that the stones are on the surface so that the machine can work faster. Cereal seed drill is used for this purpose. A first task is to use the seed drill which lifts all the stones thanks to its flexible arms and leaves them on the surface. Once this work is done, the machine that will crush the surface stones. You have to think about these works before doing them if they are really necessary, since the price you have to pay for them is around 90 €/h. The efficiency of the machine depending on the amount of stone to be crushed and the working depth. 

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