26 March 2013

Second task for purple garlic nutrition

We continue with purple garlic nutrition tasks. The first time we performed a nutrition task was before sowing and now, once all of the garlic have germinated, we spread the second dose. At this time we have to mention that it is a large dose: 450kg/ha of fertilizer. 

It is Duranit-46 of Fertinagro company and its composition is:
  • Net Nitrogen 20.5%
    •  6% Urea
    •  14.5% Ammonia
  • Sulfur 39%
  • Calcium 5%
  • Magnesium 2%

The morning began bad because it rained so we had to cover our trailers with canvas... at the end, we could finish our task without problems. It was funny to see as our partners Aquilino y Jesús filled the spreader manually using an ancient tool called "media fanega" while we did the same job with our endless belt which was fixed in our trailer.

Regarding the machinery used, we are not going to say anything about that again because we have spoken about that many times. Simply, we would like to highlight Amazone spreaders worked very fine one more time because the fertilizer was distributed on soil perfectly as you can see in our pictures.  

19 March 2013

Cleaning the vineyard after pruning

After pruning, vine shoots have to be picked up in order to clean vineyard, since then we can continue with vineyard jobs like harrowing, spraying,... At this time, we were with our friend Helio Catalán (author of blog www.masquemaquina.com) in his vineyard in the village called El Provencio, where he is from.

As he told us, he usually crushes vine shoots, so crushed vine shoots are buried  when the vineyard is harrowed... these are used as natural fertilizer. Other farmers choose to pick up vine shoots using a cage (as you can see it in our pictures) and vine shoots are burned at the end. We think the first option is the best, but we are not experts in this matter. Maybe, Helio can offer more details about this task. When we visited him, he had a lot of problems with his cage because soil was very wet... in the end, we couldn't finish his job and he had to return a few days later.

If you want to crush or pick up your vine shoots, firstly you have to put them in middle of the row. This job can be done manually or using a sweeper, as you can see in one of our videos.

As we told in other posts, there are many vineyard jobs, so he finished to remove vine shoots because after that he has to tie new vine shoots to wires. For this task, there are different tools and techniques, which are described in this link, these differences consist mainly in the material used, e.g. Helio used metal staples.