31 May 2024

Starting harvesting season. Camelina

At the end of October, we showed you the camelina sowing work. After months of caring for the crop, mainly aided by a fairly good amount of rainfall, the camelina is now ready to be harvested. With camelina, we start the 2024 harvest season . This season looks promising, as the weather has been favorable throughout the winter.

Regarding to camelina, it's important to note that it is harvested with a combine harvester, making the process straightforward. The care and labour required for this crop is similar to those for pulse vegetables.  Our yields have been around 1,000 kg/ha , which is quite a good result. This was our first year sowing camelina, and the experience has been positive. It is now an additional crop to be considered, aiding us in the crop rotation we need to implement annually. The Camelina Company provided us with the seed and now they buy the production as well. All this is fixed in a contract.

We will be adding photos of the harvest of our various crops: barley, wheat, triticale, and pulse vegetables (lentils, etc.).

Finally, I would like to wish all farmers a successful harvest season with good yields. If any of you would like to share your work with us, we look forward to receiving your comments and photos.

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20 May 2024

Expovicaman 2024

Expovicaman opened its doors to celebrate a new edition on its 40th anniversary following its last edition in 2019. Notably, this year saw a change of location to the Albacete fairgrounds, which is a much more appealing venue, on our oppinion, it has been a really good choice as it's a much nicer place. Many visitors seemed to think they were at the Albacete Fair (held in early September) rather than at the agricultural machinery and livestock fair, as the bar area was noticeably busier than the tractor and implement area. Nevertheless, we enjoyed both the farm fair and the new location.

The farm fair largely followed the same format as previous editions, with a strong presence from tractor dealers and regional implement manufacturers showcasing their new products. It's always interesting to see the different manufacturing details that each company incorporates into their machines.

If there are a few things to highlight, they could be the following:

We’ve included some videos we made at the Agrotrac and Tractor Alba stands and invite you to view our photos, which provide a good summary of what was exhibited.

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