21 February 2024

FIMA 2024 Farm Fair

The 43rd edition of FIMA Farm Fair concluded on 17 February with an impressive turnout of over 167,000 visitors. The event showcased remarkable success, evident in the vibrant atmosphere that permeated throughout.. FIMA celebrated its 60th anniversary by hosting 1,250 exhibiting brands (817 of them addressing from Spain) representing 35 countries.  Spanning across an expansive exhibition space of over 100,000 square metres and 10 pavilions , the fair offered a diverse array of agricultural innovations and solutions. We were able to attend the first two days and the sensations we took away were very positive. While notable tractor brands were absent, the presence of other exhibitors ensured a compelling and enriching experience, making this edition particularly noteworthy for us. 

Below we would like to highlight some of the interesting observations we made during our visit, among many others:

  • The Väderstad machines, especially the seed drills, continue to attract a lot of attention.
  • As for the seed drills, the 15-metre Virkar was also one of the main attractions.
  • Woody crops are still on the rise. This is confirmed by the multitude of brands of sprayers, mulchers, pruning tools, etc.
  • Battery-powered pruning tools are gaining prominence, with brands like Makita, Milwaukee, and Campagnola featuring them as their flagship products.
  • There's a growing trend towards larger implements, tailored for service companies and large-scale farms, such as the brands Vila, Kuhn, Kverneland, Horsch,...
  • National manufacturers that are becoming more and more important, with more technology, bigger machines, more innovation, taking care of even the smallest manufacturing detail... such as Ovlac, Gil, Aguirre, Serrat, General, Broch, Solano-Horizonte, TMC Cancela,...
  • In terms of Agriculture 4.0, the flood of Chinese products (especially GPS autoguidance systems) competing with each other.
  • Antonio Carraro tractors garnered notable attention, particularly models featuring continuous gearboxes, highlighting their specialization and unquestionable quality.

Additionally, we had the opportunity to capture some short videos during our visit, showcasing manufacturers unveiling their latest offerings. You can find them on our YouTube channel in Short format and also on our Instagram profile in Reels format.

A very positive edition that remains in the memory and that from here we encourage you to visit in 2026. Long live FIMA!

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