26 November 2020

A quality partner

In October 2019 we were lucky enough to attend an event in Valencia where John Deere's new 6M, 7R and 8R/RT/RX Series were presented… it was a good event focused on dealers and customers. The new series surprised us encouraged us to want to test each one, more specifically the new 6M. Last summer we had one of them in our village for a few days to test it (also a John Deere M120 atomizer). In addition, on November 19th an online event was held for all the farmers where the new 6M series was presented. It was a fun event with the showman Jesus Calleja but maybe a bit artificial (we liked more the FendtONE online event because it was more professional and more detailed).

New 6M Series enhances John Deere's 6M Series by replacing the best-selling 6 MC… it has been the best-selling tractor in Spain in recent years so the new 6M series is starting out with a very high standard. This new 6M series broadly incorporates specifications previously available only on the 6R series, i.e. on premium tractors. Therefore, to talk about the new 6M Series is no longer to talk about medium-specification tractors, but now the farmer has almost every features requested for Spanish agriculture.

If we talk about the tractor we tested, the new John Deere 6110 M, we have to admit that we liked it very much. Equipped with the premium cab, Command Quad gearbox, electric distributors, the dashboard on the right-hand side of the cab, etc, it looks like it's actually in a 6R Series, so it is a top-class tractor. Some of the things that surprised us were its small turning radius of 4.3 metres, the tractor brakes which are almost like those of a car and the suspensions (front axle and cabin) which are really comfortable. As, every critical point of view, we noticed that some things could be improved, like the access to the cabin which is narrow and the key to operate the rear lift which is not in a very ergonomic position.

The main features of the new John Deere 6110 M are described in the following paragraphs:   

  • John Deere PowerTech EWL engine with 4,500 cm3 and 4 cylinders.  
  • Maximum power: 135 CV.
  • Maximum torque: 515 Nm at 1,600 r.p.m (torque rise of 40%).
  • Fuel tank capacity of 205 litres.
  • CommandQuad Gearbox of 24x24.
  • Maximum speed of 40 km/h at 1,670 r.p.m.
  • Mechanical cab suspension and front axle hydro-pneumatic suspension.
  • Lifting force rear of 5,700 kg (optional front lift of 4,000 kg).
  • PTO speed: 540, 540E and 1000.
  • Integrated and sound-proofed safety cab with noise level of 70dB.
  • New color cornerpost display.
  • Pump flow rate of 80 l/min (open centre) or 114 l/min (open centre with load sensing). 
  • Maximum permissible total weight of 10,450 kg and effective load of 4.7 tons.
  • Wheelbase: 2.400 mm.
  • Steering radius of 4.35m.

With no further ado, we congratulate John Deere for the great tractor they have achieved. 

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12 November 2020

Seed selection

Successful seed selection consists of different steps to ensure the best harvest. On the one hand there is the choice of a good seed, which will undoubtedly be the first step towards a good harvest next year. In our case, and in our opinion, we believe that for many farmers, the use of grain from the previous harvest as seed for the next sowing is common. On the other hand, the remaining seed is bought and in this way we are capable to renew the seed, especially in cereals and pulse vegetables.

The grain used from the previous harvest must be selected in order to have a seed free of impurities to make a reliable sowing. The normal way is to perform this selection in an agricultural cooperative or company dedicated to clean and select grain where they have specialized machines for this work.... the cost is usually around 0.03 €/kg. In other cases, farmers love to invent tools with machines already present in their houses and therefore can save money, reuse their tools and even show their inventions to their neighbours.

On this occasion, our friend Fernando sent us the method he uses to select alfalfa grain with his Deutz-Fahr 7206 combine harvester (there is no any specialized company in his area where that grain is selected). As you can see in the pictures and the video, he has equipped the machine with a hopper for the grain. The combine harvester swallows the grain and selects it. The fan has to be adjusted very well (give many revolutions) and the sieves have to be closed a lot... it seems that this device works very fine, it even fills the big bags directly. It is especially useful for times when farmers are in a hurry to prepare the seed and the combine harvester is stopped. On the other hand, we think that it is not very profitable since the combine harvester has high diesel consumption because it is a machine with powerful engines. 

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