30 May 2011

Harrowing olive trees

Once a month, the olive trees are harrowed to avoid weeds growth. This work is easy, but it has to be very accurate, because we cann't leave any plant without ploughing. We must work as near as possible of the olive tree.

For this reason, the tool has a curved cultivator.  This special tool is which works nearest the olive trees whose main goal is ploughing under the plants. Working deep is not very large, so we use minicultivator.

You can watch a video from here: Video

25 May 2011

Expovicaman 2011

Expovicaman is one of the most important Farm Fair that is celebrated in Spain, especially in Castilla-La Mancha. I think it is the second most important fair after Fima in Zaragoza. We went to Expovicaman on the 22nd of May.

As you can see in our pictures, the Farm Fair has a big variety of farm machinery, particularly tools, trailers and tractors. I would like to highlight few exhibitors like Deutz-Fahr and John Deere which exposed a lot of their models of tractors. I could check this edition that tools are bigger every time and the farms of cereals, legumes, sunflowers tend to be works we try to do as quickly as it is possible and we use as bigger tools as it is suitable. I guess it is for saving money and time.

Recording Expovicaman, it is celebrated in Albacete and it is a biennial exhibition which has over 30,000m2 and last edition had 115 exhibitors. These exhibitors are mainly smaller companies of manufacture tools with a strong investment in research and development. Expovicaman celebrated its XXXI edition this year with over 25,000 visitors.

You can watch a video from here: Video