13 April 2011


At the time the plants have grown and the winter rains have passed, the weed have started to grow and we need to react against them quickly and decidedly. We have been spraying cereals, legumes and garlic for the last days. We combat specially against narrow-leaved herbs which are the most common and which can give us a lot of problems if they become mature. For this purpose, we use herbicides as Totril and Butril of Bayer.

As you can see in our pictures, we use an Anfer Sprayer of 600litres. We work with a width of 12meters in cereals and legumes and 9meters in garlic because the Sprinklers have a width of 18 meters. The spraying speed is high and constant, despite spraying is fast and easy we must be really careful about overlapping. We use our JD with narrow wheels with the purpose of avoiding the plants damage. Our partner and friend Jesús del Olmo has helped us with his JD 2850 and his Gaysa Sprayer of 800litres.