30 March 2021

New tools for winegrowers and olive growers

We had the opportunity of spending a fantastic day with the vineyard tools from the Italian manufacturer called Spedo. Our friends from AgriNativo asked us if we wanted to see working the Spedo implements, because they had started to import them to Spain.  No sooner said than done! As we usually do for the tests in the vineyard, we talked to our great friend Oscar (El Provencio - Cuenca) and there the staff of Spedo showed up with two implements that you can see in our videos.

The sensations obtained by watching the Polaris PRO Combi Series cultivator at work were grateful demonstrating that it an implement of very high quality... for instance, they can be compared with the Spanish ID-David implements. The inter-row allows for high speed work and the integrated tiller helps to remove weeds when there is an abundance of debris. The cultivator can be equipped with different inter row depending on the work to be done... all made by Spedo, so you have different implements in one. There is little to complain about the cultivator: it works well on hard ground, the hydraulics are very well designed, the roller does a very good job, the inter row gives the impression that it is of the highest quality. If we have to indicate an improvement, it could be a cultivator in three rows and 9 tines. Of course, it is a tool to be considered for the most demanding winegrowers.

In the second part of the day, we tested the Giove Series implement. This implement only works with the inter row in order to leave the centre unworked... ideal for vineyards where you want to leave a layer of vegetation and keep the soil between the vines clean. We were able to test it with several heads and it was very curious to see it working. It is even designed to work in tree crops with large canopies, as it allows you to extend the arm so that you can reach under the tree without any problems.

In conclusion we could say that we didn't know the Italian manufacturer Spedo until now, but their machines left a very good impression.

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