28 January 2013

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron K610 B

In the first January days, the Agrotrac dealer delivered our cousin Kike López his new tractor. He had always used John Deere (1620 and 2850), but due to our recommendations and the fact that he had always wanted to buy a new tractor with 6 cylinders and about 120HP, he changed his mind and chose another brand. He thinks JD 6530, which is the smallest JD with 6 cylinders, is too bulky for his tasks. We hope this would be a right decision and it will be a great tractor, but we have to wait a few years more to know the result.

The most important highlights are:
  •     Deutz DCR TCD 2012 L06 2V engine with 6,057cm3 and 6 cylinders.
  •     Maximun power: 119 hp.
  •     Tank capacity of 180 litres.
  •    Gearbox ZF T7100: 8 speed range transmision synchronized (in two groups) and 3 speed powershift.
  •     Nº of gears with creeper gear: 36/12.
  •     Soft powershuttle reversing transmission.
  •     Grammer Maximo Conform seat with pneumatic suspension.
  •     ZF Lifting force rear of 6,220kg.
  •     PTO of 540, 540E, 1000 and 1000E.
  •     Integrated and sound-proofed safety cab with noise level of 73dB.
  •     Pump flow rate of 75 l/min (open center) and 3 hydraulic remote valves.
  •     Maximun speed at 50km/h.
  •     Continental tyres: AC85 420/85 R24 and HC70 520/70 R38.

About the shopping process

The www.masquemaquina.com blog published the number of sold tractors in Spain in 2012. It was 8,655 units... the worst number in the last years. Then, we would like to talk about our experience when we bought a new tractor in Spain. Maybe it can explain this small turnover motivated by high prices of tractors together with the large financial crisis this country is suffering. We think we can talk about that because we have bougth four tractors for the last 12 years (Agrotron 85 in 2000, John Deere 5720 in 2007, Agrotron M600 in 2011 and Agrotron K610 in 2012).

In Spain, a farmer cannot buy a tractor from the dealer he likes. He must buy it in the specific dealer of his area. This prevents competition between difierent dealers of the same brand so that the farmer cannot cut prices. When you have decided to buy a specific model, you need to be an authentic product specialist, because the dealer try to sell you a model which is better for them (usually a model with least performance), which, in many cases, is in their exhibition. For this reason, they tell you things like: it is the last unit, payment conditions are the best or the price could go up in the next month (sometimes, they try to sell it without front weights, front mudguard, passenger seat,... and later you should have to buy them as extras). They don't notify you,  they only try to sell you a tractor which they can get greater income with. Comments like: it is not used, if you choose this extra, the price shoots up, you buy the economic version,... are the most common of the sellers. After signing the contract, they will not add any little thing you forgot in negotiations... we have to buy them separately. Other important item is the price: it can vary thousands of euros from the initial price to the final price (Spanish haggling appears in full strength). For example, in medium power tractors, the price may vary about 10,000€, e.g., we can not imagine about the important variation of the combine price. Finally, buying a tractor becomes a complicated task at the end you can feel you were cheat again. We think the dealers should be more professional and transparent, and especially all of its sellers.

We hope to know your experiences in Spain or in other countries. Thanks for your collaboration in advance.


21 January 2013

Direct sowing from Belmontejo

Our follower and friend Rubén Melero, from Belmontejo village, sent us a few pictures about his direct seed drill. In our village any farmers perform direct sowing, so we couldn't talk about that in the previous posts on this blog. Thank Rubén for your pictures and comments!! Also, we recommend you read the article about direct seed drills published in www.masquemaquina.com blog. A really interesting article!

He told us that after cereal and sunflowers harvesting, he didn't work his fields. With October's rains, a lot of weeds grew and five days before starting to sow (he sowed on the first December days) he sprayed with glyphosate 36% at 2.5 l/ha (Eurosato) + 0.2 l/ha of wetting (Agral). A few days later, he started sowing. With this delayed spraying, he hopes he won't have to spray his fields again in spring.

The direct seed drill used is a Gil Airsem  4F-4024-SNL with coulter. It has two hoppers for fertilizer, which can be microgranular or complex. The working width is 4m (16cm between rows) and the transport width is 2.7m. The empty weigh is 1,500kg. The main hopper for grain has a capacity of 1,400 litres (about 1,100kg of barley) and the two fertilizer hoppers can load about 450kg. The total weigh is about 3,000kg. The used tractor is a John Deere 6810, which didn't have any problem to work with direct seed drill (it worked at 9km/h and 1,700 r.p.m. in C3 gear. The turbine works about 4,000 revolutions). The tractor only has a small problem when it maneuvers on slopes, for avoiding it, Rubén increased the number of front weights.

The fertilizer dose was of 90kg/ha 18-46 (DAP) and the barley dose was of 200kg/ha.