27 October 2010

Cultichisel plough

Continuing with our autumn work, we spread fertilizer our fields, we have to plough them using the Cultichisel ones with the aim of burying the fertilizer into the ground. We are sowing in the next days and the seedbed should be ready.

We are using a Gil CHM-15B plough with our Agrotron 85 this time. It is with size arm of 30x30 mm, in two lines and interrows distance of 26 cm, frame size of 80x80 cm and working width is about 390 cm. Multipurpose cultivator works perfectly in fine labor and 25cm depth working.

We have hydraulic markers set on our plough. We don't want to have overlaps to save time and diesel. They are very easy and working with them is very confortable. We can do straight rows.

You can watch a video from here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jtcpg#p/u/14/R5TP3zqZtcU

23 October 2010

Harvesting barley

After one of the rainiest years I can remember, the harvesting started at the end of June. It was nice harvesting days!!.

Usually it doesn’t rain so much, so the farmers have to use many fertilizers but last year was not as usual. Here, in our region called "La Mancha", whose situation is the center of Spain, the typical cereal cultivated is barley but we cultivate other cereals like wheat, rye, oats... and other cultivation like sunflower, legumes...

The harvest forecast looked good and we had an average of 3200 Kg/ha. It was very comforting! (a good harvest depends on the rain, fertilizers and good farmer work). Last year, we had a big problem with wild oats because the fields were very wet and we could not sprayed herbicides...finally we were able to dominate it.

We used two harvester Claas Lexion 540, they were driven by Juan Jose de la Fuente and José María Granero (They are very good friends!!).They are professional harvesters and they have harvesting companies.

The Claas Lexion 540 harvesters have a width of 6.6 metres and they have problems when they want to travel by road. We use a trailer of 10000 Kg with our Deutz Fahr Agrotron 85 and other trailer of 6000 Kg with our John Deere 5720.

The first day was very hard and we finished late. Harvester needed to use its lights and we were harvesting until 11:30 p.m. The weather is very dry in summer so we can harvest during the day and night (it is more usual harvesting during the day and I think it is better).

You can watch a few videos: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

18 October 2010

Ploughing with Ovlac Mini Plough

We were with Aquilino Tolosa and his Fendt 411. He was ploughing with Ovlac Mini Plough because we had too much bad grass. The goal was achieved: the bad grass was buried into the ground.

Ovlac Mini plough has seven furrows (6 fixed + 1 hydraulic) and Fendt 411 was working very fast. The speed was about 10km/h and working depth of 20 cm. He got Maximum performance with a minimum cost.

The Auto Reset protection system is large underbeam clearance as well as it is consistent and reliable construction make the Mini plough an effective equipment in adverse conditions.

You can watch a video from here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jtcpg#p/u/0/oac4kMCBmAk

12 October 2010

Harvesting sunflowers

It was a nice day, so we were harvesting Almanzor sunflowers (They were bought in Cecosa). Claas Lexion 420 driven by Juan José de la Fuente had serious problems to harvert them because the sunflowers were enormous but finally the result was sactisfactory and we had a good average of 1500kg/ha.

You can watch a video from here:http://www.youtube.com/user/jtcpg#p/u/0/3eurOTrWzc4