28 June 2017

A special vineyard cultivator

​We are publishing one more post for our section "Field tests". Some years ago, we proposed to some manufacturers we borrow their tools in order to test them and publish our impressions. Some manufacturers such as Ovlac, Durán Maquinaria Agrícola, Bellota, between others were agree with that and them allowed us to work with their machinery. On this occasion, we spent some time with our friend Oscar (in El Provencio village) to ​test the cultivator Minichisel Viña from the Spanish manufacturer Ovlac. Previously, we had been testing with him Ovlac​ Minivid short disch harrow ​. One more time, thanks Oscar for your collaboration. At the same time, we were also able to see his new Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 420 working ... a tractor with a really comfortable driving position, regarding the efficiency, Oscar especially emphasized its low consumption.

The vineyard minichisel is a version of the well-known Minichisel from Ovlac, which has a very similar configuration (35x35mm ​tines, large clearing and non-stop system by 100% maintenance-free rubber elastomers). The arms are positioned in different lines within the same row to avoid obstructions (we think that an appropriate upgrade would be a four row arm configuration). It is very common to find vineyards with different planting frames and therefore different widths between rows, so the telescopic (hydraulic) frame is fundamental in this type of cultivators.

The viticulturists can choose this implement with different number of arms: 7, 9 or 11 tines, having a working width from 1​.​65m to 2​.95m. Each one of the ends has a curved arm that helps to work between the vine plants. This implement can also be changed by a hydraulic or mechanical ​tine. In the demonstration, we could contrast that a greater separation of that curved plow could be ideal in those moments when there is too much residue.

Without any doubt, we recommend that you see this cultivator while it is working.

Versión en español.