30 April 2012

Sowing sunflowers returns!

We finished to sow sunflowers last weekend. We are publishing a few pictures about that for showing you the work done.

As we commented in last post about sowing sunflowers we used Almanzor seeds, you can see it from here. This seed has given very good results since we began to use it in 2008.  This time we hope to achieve our expectations. I would like to highlight our mechanical sower worked very fine and we could do our work quickly and easily. We used two markers at the center of the tractor what do our tasks more confortable and we can get straight rows easily.

We show a few pictures about harrowing, so before sowing we have to prepare our soil for that. After ploughing our fields with discs plough in January, and harrowing with cultichissel again few days ago, we have to harrow them again in perpendicular way to the direction we used to sow before. Soil is perfect for sunflowers since they can grow quickly. It is important they grow quickly to avoid having several problems with strong rains what can move seeds or what prevent the emergence of the stem to harden the ground. 

You can see a video from here.

25 April 2012

Barriga brothers: garlic harrowing

Last weekend we visited Barriga brothers (we are good friends) while they were harrowing garlic near or our farm.

As you can see in our pictures, they use a small tool to harrowing garlic because the working depth is very small. They have a special system which allows co-driver to manage the tool when it has a small desviation and the tractor cannot move itself because its wheels work between two rows. This work needs a high accuracy whether they don’t want to get garlics damaged or buried so the working speed was about 4,5 km/h. After harrowing, the field gets other dark color more beautiful. Now, they have to water them with the aim of continuing with their growth.

The tool used has five rows which has exactly the same number of rows as the sower machine has. With this objective they are sure than they don't have any problem with the distance between rows in different laps.

 You can see a video from our YouTube channel.

18 April 2012

The firts work of our Fitosa Centauro sprayer: spraying wheat

It time for spraying. Fortunately, last week it rained in our area and our cereal and legumes are growing very quickly, together with weeds. We are on time to fight against broadleaf weeds.

It is the first work we have performed with our new Fitosa Centauro. I would like to highlight it works very fine. Foam marker offers us a valuable help, in spite of we used Cerea GPS manual guidance system too.

The labor was very easy and really fast thank to independent hydraulic legs of 14m with 4 hydraulic cylinders. The speed was about 10km/h and the used dose was of 200 litres/ha (we used Veejet H-DT plastic red flat spray nozzles and the pump was at 3.5 bar).

The day was sunny and while my twin brother drove our Agrotron M600, I could take a few really nice pictures...it was a funny day. However, the next day was very windy and after that we luckily had some rainy days so we had to stop for spraying at the moment.