30 March 2012

The first real work with our new Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M600

As the soil is wet, we have to continue preparing our fields to sow sunflowers, this is the following task after the discs ploughing performed in January. Fortunately, in my area it rained so we can to restart sunflower works. It was the first real work we did with our new Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M600 and the sensations were incredible.

We extended our cultichissel and we use it with 19 rows and a working width of 4.95m. The working speed was about 7,3km/h and the engine speed was at 1,600 r.p.m. The worked field was about 3.7he/hour. I think it is an excellent average.

Our Agrotron M600 works very fine with Gil chultichissel CHM-19B and it responds like a Swiss Watch when the tool requires more power. The first sensations are excellent whose the following features are remarkable:
  •  If we consider the carried out work and the time required, the consumption is very low.
  •  Engine speed memorizer is great and it is very confortable to work.
  •  Mecanical suspension in cab and front axle hydro-pneumatic suspension together work very fine and they are really confortable.
  •  The clutch works very soft.
  •  We can high speed in transport on the road.
  •  The control of ZF Lifting force rear is really sensitive and convenient.

We liked our first Agrotron M600 experience, that was the first of a large story, or at least, we expect that.

You can see a new video from our YouTube channel.

27 March 2012

Spraying with N-32 liquid fertilizer

During several months it hasn’t rained  a drop for months so we couldn’t fertilize, however, the last week it rained 40 liters per square meter (it snowed too,… it was incredible in the first day of the spring. The weather is crazy).

Normally, we use to fertilize in February and in April with solid fertilizer, but this year we couldn't fertilize in February, so we decided to spray with liquid fertilizer which will be the better option for these weather conditions and our crops. It is the first time we used this type of liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer company called Agricola Villarrobledo told us the result will be great...we hope it!.

We sprayed with N-32 liquid fertilizer (it is 32% of N: half of it as urea and half as equal parts of nitric and ammoniac). The selected dose was 280kg/h. It is a big dose, but we think it will be the best for current weather conditions.

The spraying company called Afitovi used a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 with 18m working width. It is the first time we used a Unimog for spraying, so we were very surprised because the working speed was very high: it was at 22km/h. Spraying work was very quick.

You can see a video from our YouTube Channel.