28 January 2020

Sales of new agricultural machinery during 2019, in Spain

As it is usual every year, we show the data of the sales of new machinery in Spain during 2019 that are also published by the Ministry of Agriculture (you have the monthly information here). It is a summary of most interesting data in our opinion.

The number of new tractors sold has risen with respect to 2018 from 11,381 units sold in 2018 to 12,156 units sold this year 2019 returning to the upward trend that had taken place between 2012 and 2017. This figure remains at around the 10,000 new tractors sold annually which is usually the benchmark number for many manufacturers, so it is within the expected pattern and can therefore be said to be a good year as far as new tractor sales are concerned.

New tractor sales by brand continue to be led by John Deere (2,972 units in 2019, 2,866 units in 2018 and 2,749 units in 2017) and New Holland (2,021 units in 2019, 2,059 units and 2,160 units in 2017). This year, John Deere is positioned as the leader in sales by commercial, a fact that had not happened for some years as the first place was held by the CNH. Next you can see in the graph the sales by brand:

On the other hand, another interesting fact is the best-selling brand in terms of average power where Fendt continues to lead the market for another year with 178.2 hp/tractor an interesting fact is the best-selling brand in terms of average power where Fendt continues be the leader for another year with 178.2 hp/tractor (176.3 hp/tractor in 2018 with respect 165.1 hp/tractor in 2017). You have more information in the following tables:

The best-selling tractor was the John Deere 6115MC. It is the best-selling tractor one more year again. In this way, the ranking of best-selling tractor models would be below:
  • 1st position: John Deere 6115 MC (454 units).
  • 2nd position: John Deere 5090 GF GL y GV (223 units).
  • 3rd position: New Holland T4.100 (199 units).
  • 4th position: John Deere 6130 M (197 units).
Regarding new farming machinery sales in 2019, we would like to show a chart where you can see monthly sales. You have data about tractors, trailers, tillage machinery, seed drills, mowers or harvesting machinery, etc. We would like to mention that a total amount of 35,430 new machines were sold in 2019 (41.249 units in 2018, 37,667 units in 2017 and 33,950 units in 2016 which implies a significant drop from the previous year for almost all types of machinery. We highlight the following data about new farming machinery sales:
  • New trailers sales: 3,506 units in 2019; 5,961 units in 2018 and 4,790 units in 2017.
  • Regarding trailed or mounted machinery:
    • Soil tillage machinery: 2,990 units in 2019, 3,850 units in 2018 and 2,677 units in 2017.
    • Seed drills machinery: 971 units in 2019, 936 units in 2018 and 823 units in 2017.
    • Crop protection machinery: 7,158 units in 2019, 8,571 units in 2018 and 9,073 units in 2017.
    • Spreaders and felitizing machinery: 2,175 units in 2019,  3,471 units in 2018 and 2,238 units in 2017.
    • Harvesters’ machinery: 2,020 units in 2019, 2,706 units in 2018 and 1,968 units in 2017.

Apart from that, we have to give special mention to the new combine harvesters sold in Spain which in 2019 was 201 units compared to 285 units in 2018 and 304 units in 2017, being the leader of new Claas. This sector is completely monopolized by Claas (65 units), New Holland (56 units) and John Deere (47 units). The rest of the manufacturers are a long way away, with Fendt standing out with 14 units and Deutz-Fahr with 13 units.

We want to give a especial mention about sales of self-propelled grape harvesters, which this year are up on previous years as 107 new units have been sold (100 units in 2018, 80 units in 2017 and 96 in 2016). Once again, New Holland leads the market with 69% of sales. We can conclude that the market has been stable for several years with around 100 new units sold. We think that this is a good amount so we think the wine and olive sectors are sectors with great potential.

Finally, we show you a few pictures of our friend Esteban, who with the purchase of his New Holland T7.165S contributed to increasing annual sales of new tractors in 2019. A few weeks ago we saw the tractor and it gave us very good feeling… we think the New Holland S series is unrivalled in terms of price/quality ratio.

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14 January 2020

Photography Contest #YoSoyAgricultor

A few weeks ago, a photography challenge called #YoSoyAgricultor started. It is dedicated to the world of agriculture and sponsored by BASF Agro Spain company. From time to time, these proposals come out that we sincerely think are great and that allow the farmer and photography lover to share their photos and at the same time to participate and win some of the prizes, which are really interesting this time... so we encourage you to join in. It's easy to participate: all you have to do is filling in the registration form and above all have your best photo ready. The requirements you have to remember are that:
  • You can only participate with one photo.
  • A minimum width of 1,024 px and a maximum of 1,900 px.
  • Maximum 3 MB.
  • In black and white or colour format.

The deadline for participation is from 16 December 2019 to 15 April 2020. What are you waiting for?

  • Basf Jury. Formed by 5 members of the BASF team.
  • Influencers Jury. Made up of the following influencers from the agricultural sector:
  • People Jury. Formed by accessing the Instagram account of BASF Agro Spain (@basf_agroes) and evaluate the photographs uploaded to it through their likes.

How are the winners determined? 
  • A cap with the hashtag embroidered "#YoSoyAgricultor". Once a month 20 caps will be given, one to each of the participants who have submitted the 20 best photographs selected by the BASF Jury and published in the Instagram account of BASF Agro Spain (@basf_agroes), of all those submitted during the previous month.
  • A sports camera NK-Bodycam-NE. Within the month following the end of the participation period, 10 cameras will be given, one to each of the participants who have uploaded the 10 photographs that the BASF Jury determines as the ones that have received the most likes in Instagram from the People's Jury during the participation period.
  • An iPhone 11 64GB. Within a month of the end of the participation period, an iPhone 11 will be given to the participant who has submitted the photograph chosen by the Influencers Jury as the best of all those submitted during the participation period.
  • A DJI Mavic Air Drone. Within one month of the end of the participation period, a Drone will be given to the participant who has submitted the photograph chosen by the Influencers Jury as the second best of all those submitted during the participation period.
We encourage you all to participate so that you can win one of the prizes and so that these initiatives will be successful and more common in the future. Finally, we leave you with a selection of the photos with which we would participate. You can also see the photos that are already participating from the photo gallery on the competition website.

Versión en español.