08 June 2023

Demoagro 2023

Good, memorable, fantastic,...? we would not know the best way to describe the Demoagro 2023 edition that took place in Rueda (Valladolid) a few weeks ago. Maybe fantastic because everyone (visitors and exhibitors) told us that they were pleased. And the success was the large number of visitors (more than 32,000 visitors), in our humble opinion,  because in terms of organisation, machinery on display (75 exhibitors with more than 800 machines in motion), how to visit the farm fair (perhaps the fields were smaller, in total 80ha), was quite similar to past editions... the food court worked fine and that encourages people to stay at the farm fair whole day. 

But above all, it has been a good edition because people were looking forward to the farm fair, they were expectant to see machinery in motion after these years of pandemic and no fairs (despite the fact that the agronomic year will be disastrous due to the severe drought). Therefore, congratulations to all visitors, exhibitors and ANSEMAT. We had a great time.... We had similar feelings to those we had in the first edition in 2013.

It has also been demonstrated that the best area for the celebration is Castilla y León (we believe that the organisation has already fixed this area for successive editions). Farmers in this community are the most mobilised, perhaps because they are mainly cereal farmers and also grow woody crops. We took the opportunity to tell an anecdote with a young farmer from our area, who told us that he was not going to Demoagro because he had nothing to buy, to which we replied that the farm fair is about learning. If you want to buy, you can, but the aim is to see what's new, ask questions and learn to apply it to your present and future work. Perhaps the farmers of Castilla y León have this vision and then the farm fair has more visitors than in other areas.

We also share you our videos and photos so you can see what was exhibited in Demoagro 2023, where we could highlight many things such as:

In conclusion, we are looking forward to Demoagro's return in 2025 to enjoy it again.

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