27 October 2010

Cultichisel plough

Continuing with our autumn work, we spread fertilizer our fields, we have to plough them using the Cultichisel ones with the aim of burying the fertilizer into the ground. We are sowing in the next days and the seedbed should be ready.

We are using a Gil CHM-15B plough with our Agrotron 85 this time. It is with size arm of 30x30 mm, in two lines and interrows distance of 26 cm, frame size of 80x80 cm and working width is about 390 cm. Multipurpose cultivator works perfectly in fine labor and 25cm depth working.

We have hydraulic markers set on our plough. We don't want to have overlaps to save time and diesel. They are very easy and working with them is very confortable. We can do straight rows.

You can watch a video from here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jtcpg#p/u/14/R5TP3zqZtcU

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