29 December 2010


We have finished sowing. A few days later we have to compact the fields whenever it doesn’t rain. The compaction should be carried out in order to keep better the humidity because it helps plants to germinate sooner. This work doesn't require a great effort and it can be done quickly because working speed is very high (about 14km/h) and working width is large. Our roller is about 4,5m working width which is composed of three pieces.

It is the moment to take out some large stones and hide small stones with the purpose of avoiding problems with harvesting.

As you can see in my pictures, we use a disc roller whose advantages are the following ones:

  • Seeds is better compact.
  • The air can't get seeds.
  • The soil can absorb better humidity.
  • It can be used with wet soil.

You can use plain roller as other farmers use but my recommendation is using a disc roller for this season.

You can watch a video from here: Video1

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