15 February 2011

Flat packer roller

When the plants have grown and they have a height of about 5cm, we roll the fields in dry days with two clear goals mainly: the first, we have to compact the fields in order to help plants growing sooner and the second, we want to hide all stones with the purpose of avoiding problems in the harvesting time.

We have a new flat packer roller this time. This flat packer roller width is of 4m and its diameter is of 65cm. It can be filled of water, but we have it empty because it has enough weight to our work. I would like to highlight this flat packer roller has two hydraulic cylinders which we can change from transport position to working position very easy.

As you can see in our pictures and watch on our video, the working speed is high (about 9.5km/h) and our DF Agrotron 85 uses a street gear. So, we can work large amounts of land per day, despite this, we usually start to roll at midday when the plants are dry of the dew of the night.

You can watch a video from here: Video

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