04 May 2011


We are watering from April (or after that if year is dry) to the last days in June. In general, Spain is an enough dry country and specially my area, so few crops, as garlic, need watering to produce good harvest. In my area, we mainly water garlic, but few farmers water cereals too. That is not very common because the diesel price is high and cereals price is low, then the result don't worth. Fortunately, it is possible with garlic. We use electric energy instead of diesel for watering, the advantages are: costs are slightly lower so we try to water garlic weekly with irrigations about four hours.

As you can see in my pictures, we use different watering systems. In my opinion, the best is sprinkler, although it isn't always available because you have to do strong work to move the pipe every time. We are lucky on this way because we have installed our watering system underground in all fields and we don't need to move our pipes for watering. The control for different sections of watering system is managed by computer and we can manage it by sms. Before, we used hose reels (We had Ocmis R4 and Irrifrance Optima hose reels). These hose reels have a mini computer which can get a big accuracy about working speed, working distance, times, ... . In my opinion, this tool waters worse than sprinkler but you can water easily because you use tractor alone to move hose reels.

You can watch a video from here: Video

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