15 November 2011

Seedbed preparation

Afther the first autumn rains, during November and December, the Spanish farmers, especially in La Mancha, are preparing the seedbed to sow cereals and legumes. These tasks are very stressful because these days are very short therefore we have to work really hard from sunrise to sunset. Another possible problem is it rains frequently and we cannot work on the fields all the time.

As you can see in our pictures, we use our JD 5720 with Amazone ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal Broadcaster to spread fertilizer at working width of 18 m. We are spreading NPK 12-24-12 fertilizer and we are using about 200kg/ha. After that, we harrow our fields to bury fertilizer, this is made,finally, to prepare the soil to sow.

You can see a video from here: Video


  1. Hello.

    This year,in my area (Greece)except the short days the main problem is that we haven't rains frequently so the soil is dry and the Cultivator cannot ploughed the soil or we need to change often tines-(teeths) at cultivator.

    How many tons of cereals per ha you produce?

  2. Hi Kostas.

    You are right. Rain never is a problem. Our area is dry too but it rains frequently.

    We can produce about 3 tons/ha without water systems.

  3. Thank you for you reply.

    3 tons /ha. Its a good number.We produce almost 3 tons /ha average (in my area).

    We are spreading NP 20-10 and we are using about 200 kg/ha and sometimes 300 kg/ha.
    Now it costs 0,45 - 0,50/kg € including vat

    What is the price of NPK 12-24-12 ? (including vat)