18 January 2012

More winter tasks: this time with mini ploughing

Unfortunately, this winter has begun very dry, so we have a lot of time to prepare our soil to sow sunflowers in April. This time, we used mini ploughing tool because we were ploughing a fallow. We didn't need a big working depth so we can save some diesel too. That morning was very foggy and there were a little soil frost , so it allows us to take nice pictures as you can see below.

This working was the last one we have done with our Agrotron 85, because the next week we are going to have a new Agrotron M600 Confort Plus which we have bought in Agrotrac dealer. I would like to say this tractor has been like a faithful friend: it has never failed!. We have never had any problem with it which has always worked very fine. Now, the main problem is that it is small for our work. We hope our new Agrotron M600 will behave like our old Agrotron 85.

You can see our video from our YouTube Channel.


  1. Anonymous25/1/12 11:33

    We are expecting the new tractor aswell! Go for it in HD!

  2. Don't worry my friend. We are going to publish a new post about that on next Monday.