27 March 2012

Spraying with N-32 liquid fertilizer

During several months it hasn’t rained  a drop for months so we couldn’t fertilize, however, the last week it rained 40 liters per square meter (it snowed too,… it was incredible in the first day of the spring. The weather is crazy).

Normally, we use to fertilize in February and in April with solid fertilizer, but this year we couldn't fertilize in February, so we decided to spray with liquid fertilizer which will be the better option for these weather conditions and our crops. It is the first time we used this type of liquid fertilizer. The fertilizer company called Agricola Villarrobledo told us the result will be great...we hope it!.

We sprayed with N-32 liquid fertilizer (it is 32% of N: half of it as urea and half as equal parts of nitric and ammoniac). The selected dose was 280kg/h. It is a big dose, but we think it will be the best for current weather conditions.

The spraying company called Afitovi used a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U300 with 18m working width. It is the first time we used a Unimog for spraying, so we were very surprised because the working speed was very high: it was at 22km/h. Spraying work was very quick.

You can see a video from our YouTube Channel.


  1. Anonymous27/3/12 19:58

    Well, even in the case the whole terrain was evenly fertilyzed, I must advise you reagarding the use of mechanical devices such us the sprayer in the pictures, this machine has a high percentage of unevenly mixture coming from the fertilizer tank. What this means is that you MUST check, after the whole tank has been gone through the 18 meter wide sprayer module, if the terrain was spotted as sandy soil in the general terrain assestment department for human food. After this issue has been carefully checked, you better hire an expert for such intense and time-consuming action, after it, I said, is time for double-checking of the seeds to be used, taking into account that some kind of seeds are not compatible with some fertilized soils. And last, the performing of the terrain, in terms of kg produced vs. fertilizing liquid N-32 used, is proportional or included in the safety zone of the normalized charts for fertilizers. Look carefully for the season you actually will seed.
    Have luck! Regards from Worcestershire, UK.

  2. Thank you for your comment. We can use N-32 liquid fertilizer without problems in Spain.

    Best regards.

    1. Anonymous28/3/12 21:36

      Pls check actual safety tables! U can find them over the web.
      Have luck pals!

  3. Those are great pictures. I only associate Mercedes Benz with cars, this is really a Mercedes? My wife would not believe this!

  4. Yes. It is a MB Unimog U300