04 June 2012

Vegetable garden: tomato plants

Last weekend, we planted our tomato plants. Nowadays, we have finished our vegetable garden works and now we only have to water it once a week. We had to water our tomato plants immediately after they were transplanted so that they can adapt their new soil quickly. 

This work is easy: you only need a hoe, and tomato plants, of course :)

The used seeds are saved from tomatoes of the previous year. They are drying inside of a piece of paper and stored until Marz, when they were sowed in the tray as you can see in our the first picture (You cann't sow tomato seeds in the field directly). We have different types of tomatoes, i.e., we have big tomato for salad or Manchego ratatouille, Cherry tomatoes or tomatoes with pears shape.

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  1. this type of husbandry may be done either in your lodging or in your tiny cartilage garden.In vertical husbandry you train the vegetable plants to grow upwards. they need designed specific structures that contain the whole garden at intervals tiny low space.