09 October 2012

Cleaning sunflowers stubble

After sunflowers harvesting, we have to clean fields in order to sow cereals in the next campaign... sunflowers stubble is exceptional for cereals. A lot of farmers don't like to sow sunflowers because cleaning and preparation tasks are normally hard. During summer, it is very common to see weeds between sunflowers which won't able to remove until after sunflowers harvesting due to high height of sunflowers. Some farmers use herbicides just before sowing sunflowers and this solution works fine, but it is not very usual in our area.

This year, as it hasn't rained in summer, the cleaning task is easy. We have to work in some small sites and even this job is funny :). For this, we use an iron harrow of 4.5m width. This tool allows us a high working speed (when we don't have a big load of weeds) about 10 km/h. In the end, our goal is created a heap what is going to be burned.

In other cases, we also need to pick up stems of sunflowers, which have a considerable length, with the aim of avoiding problems with seed drill in the future. As we use a special Moresil cutterbar for sunflowers, this task is practically not necessary. 

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