08 January 2013

Splitting garlic

The first step before sowing garlic is splitting them. For that, the previous day we had to put them into the kiln with an important aim which is the splitter garlic could work properly and perform this task without problems. If they are wet, it is possible that a few garlic cloves can be attached to other cloves, so the task is more complex and the result will be worse because we would have garlic cloves together and it is a problem to sow them.

The machinery used for this task is a JJ Broch splitter garlic which allows us to split about 1,000 kg/h. It has a chopper where the garlic bulbs are deposited and a slatted conveyor belt transports them to a rollers section where they are split. After that, people clean garlic cloves removing impurities,... good garlic cloves are moved to the classifier by other slatted conveyor belt. For sowing, we only choosed the biggest garlic cloves.

When we finished the splitting task, garlic cloves were sprayed with a fungicide called Prelude (BASF manufacturer). This chemical  has an active material of Prochloraz 20%.

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