17 June 2013

Spring garlic has just arrived

We visited our friend Aquilino few days ago, when he started to harvest his spring garlic. As you can see in our pictures, the harvesting is extraordinary as for quality and size.

In our area, the machinery used to harvest garlic are harvester binder. At this time, it is a harvester binder of two rows manufactured by the J.J.Broch company. We have another machine of this brand and its yields are very good. They have a weak point related to tyers. Maybe, you can have some problems with them and sometimes you have to replace few parts because they are worn very often. We are going to speak about garlic harvester cutting in the next post... we think it will be interesting and our followers can compare between them.

Garlic are put in heaps and when they are dry (after a few days), they will be cut and packaged in palots to transport and manipulated in stores for other tasks: grading, cleaning,...

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  1. Las fotos son de La Mancha o de Irlanda? ¡Impresionante como está el campo esta primavera tardía!
    Felicidades por el post.

    1. Helio, muchas gracias por tu comentario.

      Pues sí, son de La Mancha... de nuestra querida tierra.

      La verdad es que el paisaje estos días es espectacular.

      Un abrazo.

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  2. Anonymous19/6/13 23:28

    Thank you very much for this information... its really amazing and the photos are impressive.


    Muchsa gracias por la información es realmente útil y las fotos impresionantes.


  3. What is the price of the garlic harvester binder?

    1. Hi Neo.

      We don't know the price. You could visit Erme website (http://www.erme-france.com) or you could send an email to contact@erme-france.com. Erme garlic harvester binder is the best for garlic!!

      Best regards.
      Twins' Farm