04 November 2014

​The first step for a good sowing: seeds sorting

​With this post, we begin a period dedicated to sowing tasks. In our area, and generally in Spain, during November and December the main farming task is the sowing. That task begins with cereals, followed by pulse vegetables to finish with the purple garlic.

If we want to do a correct sowing, the first step is sorting and cleaning our seeds in order to sow only optimun grains. Last summer, we went to Santa María del Campo Rus (it is a small village near ours) where we could sort all our barley and triticale seed. As you can see in our pictures, the sorting machinery is not very large and the working time is substantial, but the result is really good. The percentage of waste was minimum, but it is really important to remove it if you want to ensure that the set dose (kg/ha) established in the seed drill is really the amount of seeds you propose sowing on the fields.

Some farmes treat their seed with Raxil® 2,5 FS to avoid some diseases which can grow in the first months after sowing. We don't perform this treatment (if it is the best option is unknown)... we think this job is not necessary thus this procedure is cheaper for us... Besides,​a lot of farmers decide against carrying it out neither.

Versión en español.


  1. Anonymous7/11/14 23:58

    Soy un labrador de los montes Torozos, os felicito por el blog.
    Yo creo que es importantísimo el tratar la semilla, para evitar ataques de hongos por lo menos en siembras tempranas, por mi zona se suele tratar con Dividend.


    1. Hola.

      Muchas gracias por seguir el blog y por tus comentarios.

      No te falta razón, ya que el tratarla es un buen método para evitar alguna enfermedad. Tal vez por nuestra zona, que es más seca, no es tan preciso el tratarla.

      Saludos y muchas gracias.