15 July 2015

​Threshing lentils: A mechanized traditional crop

In the past, one of the most important crops in our Village was lentils. Nowadays, only one farmer continues sowing lentils. We remember when our father sowed lentils and we worked with him to mow, pick up and thresh them in summer. The picking up and threshing works were absolutely manual. Mowing job was carried out using a small BCS mower as we published last year in this post. We have a fond memory of those tasks :)

As we told, very few farmers continue to grow lentils. This crop is too sensitive and its price can oscillate very frequently. Our friend Timo Alcañiz is a farmer who can still get profit from this crop. Nowadays, all tasks are mechanized so he can perform this works without problems. He is really a expert in this crop so he has all necessary machinery. When we visited Timo on his field, he told us lentils are losing about 30% of its production because they were wet on the first days of June. As you can see in our pictures, too much lentils are on the ground and they aren't harvested because their husks are opened due to their dampness.

Regarding the used machinery, it is an old threshing machine manufactured in Val de San Lorenzo (León). The threshing machine still works very fine so it allows him to work really comfortable a lot of hectares per day (it depends on the number of working hours and working speed that is about 4 km/h). It has a small hopper of 1,000kg and the trailer used to store straw is filled in two hours more or less.

Both crop and machinery are very special... if any farmer has information about any special or strange machinery or crops, we will be happy to publish it on the blog and share it with all the followers.

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