22 September 2016

The winner is... the most straight row

The most important farm festival in our village "La Alberca de Záncara" was hold last week. A lot of playful activities were carried out during those days and one of these activities is a plough contest. A few years ago, we remember that another competition was performed... it was the maneuver trailer tournament. Some farmers think that this tournament is not carried out currently because the winners were always the same people and it was not exciting. Maybe, we think new generation of farmers are not prepared to compete in this modality.

In other areas of Spain the most popular contest consist of using a plogh. In our area, the plough is not used (summer are very dry and soil is really sticky in autumn and winter) so farmers have always competed to do the most straight row.

As you can see in our pictures, the competition is "easy". You only have to do the most straight row from your position (it isassigned by raffle) to the hillock (it is a white mark that can be seen in the horizon). The distance is of 1.5km... difficulties are coming up!! Another problem is that tractors have to go across different fields and drivers can have strange lateral movements. We have never taken part... our row would be one of the worst. We are absolutely convinced of that because nowadays we are working using an autosteere system by GPS. We hope the new generations of farmers can be able to continue to held this nice competition... unfortunately, it will be complicated. 

Versión en español.

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