28 August 2017

An original irrigation system for olive trees: Earthenware jar

​We spoke about planting olive trees and about harvesting olive tres at Chistmas. As you know, in Spain the drought is getting worse and having irrigated fields is a luxury. In our case, we have decided to invest in irrigation for our olive trees and we think that it is not a real irrigation system, we are going to water olives tree mainly in Spring and Summer... we hope it will be really productive.

As you can see in our pictures, we fixed an earthenware jar. Which is a jar of 14,000 litres and it is fixed at 1.5m height. We use a tank of 5,000 litres to fill it (we don't have any water well in our field) and a small bilge Pump, that way we can fill it in a few hours. Thanks to the unevenness of the fields and the height where we have installed the earthenware jar we can get more than 4 m.c.a. that is the minimum flow to which a dropper can work ... in our case, we are receiving about 5 l/h of flow.

The length of the field is of 480m and we planted 68 olive trees​ each row (plantation frame is 7x7m). The jar is located at the highest point of the field, so it divides the row of olives at 57 and 11. To perform the irrigation properly, we have created sections to better take advantage of the water pressure, split the field in four sections that we water with the following order:
  • 1st section: 171 olive trees.
  • 2nd section: 171 olive trees.
  • 3rd section: 114 olive trees.
  • 4th section: 86 olive trees.
If we distribute 14,000 litres of water from jar among 542 olive trees planted, we have an irrigation dose of almost 26 litres per olive tree ... it is not bad at all. As drippers pour about 5 litres per hour, we have to water about 5 hours for each of the sections.

Versión en español.



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