28 September 2017

Pneumatic suspension in the front counterweights. Fabrication process

Once our friend Heliodoro published a post about suspension systems for front counterweights, our friend Julián Martínez decided to build his own suspension system for his new Massey Ferguson 5712 SL. He is really a handyman and he has a complete set of tools for working... here you can see how we made a tool for downloading big bags on our seed drill.

As he told us, the  fabrication process is not very complex... although he needed some professional help to get a good finish. Firstly, he looked for information on Internet to find some outline where he could see some measurements. Secondly, he manufactured all the pieces using wood to create a prototype. After that, when the prototype was a very fine model, he manufactured all the pieces using iron of 20mm and 15mm (a company cut all pieces with laser cutting). The two shock-absorbers and pneumatic balls were acquired on his own on Internet too. The total cost of this pneumatic system was about 600€.

As you can see in our pictures, the system is anchored with a bolt and two screws of 20mm. It can support about 800kg with 7 bar of maximum air pressure. It is a pneumatic suspension so it is cleaner than hydraulic suspension and it is easier to configure when you have to change the number of counterweights used.

Nowadays, he uses 9 counterweights of 55kg (about 500kg) and the pneumatic suspension is configured at 3,5 bar of air pressure. As you can see in our video, the system works perfectly and the driver has good feeling when the tractor works on field or road.

Versión en español.



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