26 March 2018

New cultivators. Longer lasting

Whenever we visit the stand of Bellota Agrisolutions at FIMA, we get surprised. Without any doubt, it is one of the most interesting stands of this Farm Fair for all the novelties they present and for the pleasant and professional reception that we always have from the staff of Bellota. On this occasion, it was very interesting to learn about the new, longer-lasting cultivators, which guarantee a constant working width and angle of attack throughout the life of the cultivator. These pieces are very used by Spanish farmers so we think a lot of people would like to know them.

Bellota has redesigned the new 1512, 1513 and 1599 cultivators in order to last longer. Firstly, the sweeps have been reshaped so that the working width is maintained as they wear away with use. The wing of the cultivator, which is more than 4cm, guarantees that the piece will always have the same working width for homogenous tilling in the fields. The two sides reinforced, with a point more than 2.2cm thick and 8.5cm long, ensures not only that the piece lasts longer, but also that the angle of attack is maintained so that the point of the cultivator can always penetrate the soil properly, thus minimum effort is required to till the land. There models are available: 1512 and 1599 (with 47º angle of attack) and 1513 (with 35,5º angle of attack). These cultivators have a working widths of 18.5cm, 23cm or 27.5cm and they are painted in black epoxy.

The 1512 and 1599 model (with 47º working angle) will allow you to work with less working depth. If more working depth is required, the 1513 is recommended due to its 35.5° angle of attack. In addition to all that, they incorporate a new design so that the two screws, that fix the piece to the arm, are more protected against wear. Also, thanks to a new deeper countersink, the bolts will be always protected.

Therefore, the two most important characteristics to take into account would be:
  • More constancy. The reshaped wings have a constant (18.5cm, 23cm or 27.5cm) working width maintained as they wear away with use.
  • More precise.  With the two sides reinforced (with a point more than 2.2cm thick and 8.5cm long), not only the point is always sharp but also the sweep lasts longer.

Versión en español.



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