30 October 2018

Faithful to a brand

An example of a brand loyalty could be our great friend Juan José de la Fuente. Since he was 18 years old, he's been working with Claas combines. He bought his first combine in 1979, which was a Dominator 76. In those years, that was a modern combine incorporating cabin, although without air conditioning. He remembers that its price was 1,700,000 pesetas (about 10,200€). Three years later, in 1981, he bought a Dominator 98 and a few months later he bought another Dominator 76. In 1985, in order to save maintenance costs and increase productivity, he decided to replace the two old Dominator 76 combines with the new Dominator 98 Super. The customer base continued to grow, so in 1988 he switched from his first Dominator 98 to a Dominator 98 SL Maxi which he still keeps. In 2000, he switched from the Dominator 98 Super to the new Lexion 420 that he also he still keeps. Finally, he bought the Lexion 540 in 2008.

How you can see in the previous paragraph he owns a life related to Claas. A few years ago (in 2011), Claas celebrated its 75th anniversary by collecting the most important stories from its customers around the world. The book was published with all of them and as could not be otherwise, Juan José is in that book with the article we wrote entitled "Claas in the land of Don Quixote".

A few months ago, he decided to change his old tractor, a Fiat 766E that provided really good results but it was outdated, for a new tractor. As expected, on this occasion he chose Claas, also motivated by the large official Claas dealer in our area (Talleres Bachiller S.L.). As you can see in our photos, he has decided to buy a Claas Arion 530 with Cerea autosteer by GPS.

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