12 December 2018

Direct sowing: Sowing pulse vegetables for forage

The aim of this post is to finish with the sowing season we have dedicated the two previous posts to that. At this time, we will focus on direct sowing (remember that we have already talked about the preparation of seedbed and the different sowing techniques). Our friend Jose Vicente sent us some fantastic photos again. On this occasion, they are related to his works of direct sowing of pulse vegetables with the Solá SD1504 seed drill.

According to him, they do traditional sowing on the farm for the crops they are going to harvest for grain and direct sowing for forage and silage crops. In this respect, the crops which are normally sown using direct sowing are titarros and barley. The yield is higher using traditional sowing but direct sowing has many advantages for silage and fodder. Since these are forage crops, they don't care so much that crops  could have more weeds than when they harvest for grain. In this way,they can save substantial money reducing harrowing tasks and phytosanitary treatments to keep the crop clean throughout the year. On the farm, there is an important goats exploitation that is feeded mainly with the silage obtained from direct sowing crops.

This time he is sowing titarros with a dose of 150 kg/he. The seed drill has a working width of 6 metres and a hopper capacity of 7,100 litres,  so this hopper allows him to sow 25 hectares of this crop without recharging... almost a good working day.

Versión en español.

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