26 September 2019

Case IH speeds up with new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ and Vestrum CVXDrive Series

Case IH presented the third generation of its flagship Magnum and its new Vestrum CVXDrive tractor in Vienna, Austria. We were lucky to be able to attend both days of the presentation where we were able to enjoy these two fantastic tractor series. We could also attended the presentation of the MyCaseIH.com platform, focused on the new telemetry and data management systems that Case IH machines generate during their work.

The first day was held in Vienna, where we could see the most important features of MyCaseIH.com. This is a web platform that compiles the information generated by the machines and that the farmer can relate to the fields where machines are working in order to have information on yields. It also allows dealers to have remote access to machines (tractors and combine harvesters) for fault diagnosis at anytime and anywhere. Finally we could knew the innovative armrest that has the new Magnun and will be implemented in the rest of the Case IH series in the coming months. All the buttons are configurable by the operator, in addition to having a touch screen from where everything is managed ... for example, the tractor radio as well.

The second day was held in the field in a farm in Wilfersdorf town, where we could test the tractors Magnum™ AFS Connect™, Optum CVXDrive (with the Case IH SoilXplorer system) and Vestrum CVXDrive. The truth is that the new Magnum™ AFS Connect™ falls in love as soon as you see it. The new cab has features of high-end cars, the new FPT Industrial Cursor 9 Stage V six-cylinder of 8.7-litre engine sounds like a million wonders and both the powershift transmission and the CVXDrive provide fantastic working comfort. It's a tractor that when you're working with it, in terms of manoeuvrability and agility, behaves as if you are working with a tractor of 100HP and when you activate the autoguide system and the tractor goes into automatic mode it looks like you're driving with a Mercedes-Benz on a motorway.

As for the Vestrum CVXDrive, it is a compact, high-performance tractor for demanding farmers. We really liked the tractor and it reminded us of its twin brother, the Steyr Expert CVT that we tested this summer at the Steyr factory (where the Case IH Vestrum is also manufactured). The Vestrum series are tractors ranging from 110-140HP with CVXDrive continuous transmission (it is an intermediate series between the multi-purpose Luxxum series and the tested Maxxum series). Undoubtedly a very good choice for small or medinas cereal farms and woody crops such as olives and almonds. We were able to test the Vestrum CVXDrive 130 with a Lemken cultivator and the sensations were very positive. In addition, with the front loader, the behaviour was very smooth and super accurate thanks to the stepless gearbox and its great hydraulic flow.

Without doubt, both tractors will make people talk in the coming months or years and, from here, we invite you to test them when you have the opportunity. If we have to mention a disadvantage, maybe it would be that we think they won't be cheap tractors.

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