12 November 2019

DIY a trailer hitching mirror

I remember when I was a kid and we had the John Deere 2135, the Fiat 880E and later the Deutz-Farh Agrotron 85. In these tractors, you could hook the trailer without any problem and at a dizzying speed. That changed when we bought the Deutz-Farh Agrotron M600 and, unfortunately on almost allmodern tractors: the trailer hitch is not visible from the driver's seat, so often the task of hitching the trailer a single person becomes complicated.

We like to visit agricultural machinery fairs, and very often when we get on a new tractor, we like to see if the trailer hitch (the one that can be adjusted in height, not the one for pulling implements) is visible from the driving position... Normally we can't see the hitch because cabs areincreasingly in the centre of the tractor and quite often tractors tend to have the largest rear.

The solution that all manufacturers are giving to the problem (previously only a few, such as Valtra, did), is to add a mirror on the rear window, which when opened allows you to see the trailer hitch without problems. An ideal solution perhaps in countries such as Germany, Finland or France where they do not usually work with much dust but for Spain, in our opinion, it is not a good solution, because when you open the rear window, all the accumulated dust gets into the cabin and therefore you have to clean the cabin after hitching the trailer ... directly, you choose not to open the rear window and not to use the rear-view mirror hitching trailers.

In the photos you can see our DIY solution that we have given to our Deutz-Farh Agrotron M600. As you can see, we have added a mirror, which we have bought in Amazon, on the outside of the tractor that allows us to see perfectly the hitch. It is not necessary to open the rear window and therefore the dust does not enter the cabin, so we thought we had found a good solution that we used to share with you.

Versión en español.

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