28 December 2019

The pistachios planting framework

It's time to plant the pistachio trees in La Mancha. Our cousin Juan Ángel, who is very fond of this crop, asked us to help him define the planting framework for his new pistachio plantation and we did so without hesitation, we enjoy these things. Using the auto-guide Cerea we were able to do the job without problems, with a planting framework of 7x7 meters. First it is marked in one direction and when it is finished, we mark it in perpendicular direction (90º)... Cerea has a pattern called "2 directions" which is ideal for these jobs.

Pistachio is destined to be the new Eden of agriculture. In the agricultural news or talking to politicians related to the agricultural world, everyone indicates that pistachio is the revelation crop that will be the most profitable in the years to come. With this premise, our cousin Juan Ángel has decided to transform his entire farm into a pistachio farm on almost 80% of his fields.

We haven't planted any, because we don't have it as clear as he does. He will have to wait many years to be able to have a considerable production in addition to making an important initial investment and during all these years above all, and on the other hand when his trees are in full production we do not know how the price of pistachio will be. We hope that it will be as it is currently predicted, but we are not sure. We will see it as the years go by.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020. Next year may be a year of abundant rain and good harvests, but especially it come full of health so that we can continue to enjoy this passion for the agriculture that all of us share and enjoy.

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