13 April 2020

Much more than a field notebook

Some years ago, we registered at Agroptima but it's true that we've had it a bit forgotten.. we have taken it up again and the truth is that the tool is much, really much more than a field notebook.

As you know, for years it has been mandatory to have the field notebook updated in case the Spanish Administration requests it at any time. In fact, we have had some inspections and this is the first thing they ask for along with the CAP documentation. Until now, we kept our field notebook on a sheet provided by the Ministry and the management of the farm in a few MS Excel files. This is still a very precarious tool, especially when you enter Agroptima and see the potential and how easy it is to use. When we investigated Agroptima tool many friends come to mind, for whom this tool would make management much easier, especially some small-medium sized farms (we understand that the large ones already have the means to do so) where monitoring crops, work done, machinery, etc. is becoming more complicated if you really want to make effective management.

The steps to work with the tool are well defined, as we will tell you quickly below. Also, they have a fantastic Technical Support service and team and a great video tutorial channel on YouTube.

In the aim of having the tool ready to have a very complete view of your farm you have to follow the next easy steps:
  • Registration. It is done in two steps giving your personal data (name and surname, email, phone, etc.).
  • Creation of the farm. By default a farm is created associated with the name provided in the registration, but you can create different farms and then group fields, machines, etc.
  • Creation of fields. All the fields that the farmer has on his farm must be registered. There are different methods but all of them are very quick and simple... you can even import the fields from the CAP documentation.
  • Crop allocation. From the map option (Sigpac view) you can see all your fields and add crops.
  • Products. From here you can register the phytosanitary products, fertilizers, seeds and crops that you normally use. This can be extended over time and with the use of new products.
  • Jobs. In this option you can introduce all the work that is done on the farm.
With the 6 sections configured (bear in mind that all of them can be extended over time), the tool begins to offer useful data on yields, costs, expenses, income, etc. that make the work done, both on each of the fields and on the farm in general, valuable.

Another feature to be highlighted is the availability of having the tool on the mobile phone (app). Without a doubt, when you arrive at field and you are going to do the work and you can register it on your mobile phone in just a few seconds is very convenient and fast. All data is automatically saved and can be viewed from both different devices (mobile phone and computer) at home or anywhere because the information is stored in the cloud.

Finally, something that has left us quite amazed is the technical assistance. In the time that we performed our first navigation through the tool to create our plots, machines, etc... maybe about 45 minutes, the Technical Support team contacted us via chat and we told them that we did not see very clear how to create the crops,. Then, they automatically called us by phone and Laura very kindly indicated how to do it... spectacular level of Technical Support. Once you know that there is a team of assistants who support you and solve your doubts so quickly, it is a pleasure to work.

Versión en español.

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