13 July 2020

Cereal and pulse vegetables harvesting days

In the middle of cereal and pulse vegetables harvesting period, we can say that yields in our area are quite good and therefore the year is acceptable. We already commented in the previous post about the rainfall that this year was looking pretty good. Another issue to be mentioned is that related to the prices of cereals and pulse vegetables, which are completely ridiculous since we are at levels of more than 30 years ago (barley: 145€/ton, wheat: 205€/ton, Mariana vetch: 201€/ton, Eston lentil: 380€/ton, etc.). Everything related to agriculture (inputs, machinery, labour, etc.) has increased in price, but the price of cereals is, once again, standing in the past... a very worrying scenario for cereal farmers.

In our area, the harvesting tasks are being concluded since we started around 10th of June. In our village there are quite a few combine harvesters, all are quite new like the New Holland CR 7.90 Twin Rotor that you can see in our videos and photos, but the harvesting companies are not working with a single client until it is over, they go by zones of the municipal area and when the client has a field by the zone where combine is harvesting, they harvester contact the farmer and pick it up. For some years now, the work of harvesting has been quite comfortable since the company in charge of baling the straw is the one that brings the grain to town with its trucks, so the harvesting tasks, in our case, are done using only our quad.

Below we show you an average of profits that are occurring, in general in our town (dry land). We use Agroptima application and it helps us to do an accurate picture of our yields... but we will talk about that in a future post.
  • Barley: 4,500 Kg/he
  • Wheat: 4,200 Kg/he
  • Triticale: 3,000 Kg/he
  • Eston Lentil: 1,500 Kg/he
  • Mariana Vetch: 1,300 Kg/he
  • Pea: 2,500 Kg/he

The most profitable crops this season have been Planet barley and Eston lentils. In our town it is very typical to sow Hispanic barley, which historically has a very good and very constant yield, but this year they have failed. The triticale is always a very good size, but the yields are quite restrained. As for wheat, the PR variety always has very good results when it rains in May and June. The Mariana vetch is interesting to be sowed but you have to be very careful with the harvest because it is a plant that lies down and the harvest has to be at its best state because if it is later, the grains fall to the ground. Finally, with respect to the pea, its production is low and less and less is sown.

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