12 August 2020

Wide is Castilla-La Mancha

As you know, our posts are usually about agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilizers, phytosanitary products, etc. This time, it's different because the protagonists are us, Joaquín and Herminio, or as you well know us, "Twins' Farm". 

Last June we were interviewed on Cadena SER in Cuenca (you can hear the podcast here) thanks to our great friend José Vicente Ávila (nickname: Chicuelito). José Vicente is a great bullfighting journalist, a very well known and loved character in the city of Cuenca but above all a very nice person. We know him practically since our birth... and we've had a very close relationship with him ever since. 

On the other hand, the autonomous television of Castilla-La Mancha (CMMedia) is highly followed in our region and they have some programmes where they show the experiences of the people from Castilla-La Mancha. One such programme is "Wide is Castilla-La Mancha", which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9:15 pm. Carmen, the reporter who came to our Village to visit us, heard our interview on Cadena SER and she thought that maybe it could be a story to be shown in CMMedia program... and she was right. On July 6th, we spent a very funny afternoon recording the report (you can see the full programme here). We were able to show him our tasks in the field, our agricultural machinery and our work on the blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, etc. It was a luxury to be able to share with you our work and above all our passion... a very nice experience. Thank you very much, Carmen. 

In addition, our friend, Jorge Jaramillo who is the moderator of one of our favourite programs at CMMedia, "The Field", is also a fantastic journalist with whom we have shared some agricultural events and important moments that he has commented on in the last part of his program. Thank you, Jorge, for all our moments. 

Versión en español.

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