16 September 2020

Arcusin squared. Ending the harvesting campaign

With the aim of finishing the 2020 campaign and especially the harvesting season, because this is the beginning of the soil preparation for the 2020 sowing, the last task that we have left to show you is the picking-up of the bales that were generated from the baling work that we commented on previous post.

As we mentioned, three companies dedicated to baling are in charge of working in the area of our village (La Alberca de Záncara - Cuenca). The village's area has about 10,000 hectares and must be picked up in a short period of time because we have the habit of starting to harrow the stubble in August in order to destroy the remains of straw during the hot days in which this task is easier than in the days of September when the weather begins to be cool and wet. Practically all the bales are picked up with the self-loading trailers, although on sometimes there are trucks that go to the field to be loaded there... however this option is negligible compared to the work done by the self-loading trailers.

The baling companies that work in our village count on three Arcusin trailers and one Plegamatic; which are too few machines to collect all the bales in a few weeks. On this occasion, we visited the “Rosado Bros.” company who this year bought another Arcusin AutoStack FSX trailer (they already had one) as you can see in our video and photos. It is very simple and above all fast working with these trailers (the trailer is completely robotized). They have several places to leave the bales so that they do not have to travel many kilometres. The trailer is loaded very quickly, in about 6 minutes you can have it loaded with the 27 bales (90x80cm) or with the 18 bales (90x120cm), so if the unloading is done in an area close to the working field, it is left without bales in very few minutes.

If we talk about the two Arcusin trailers which appear in the photos, one of the main differences that can be seen between the new trailer and the old one is the way the bales are held when they are downloaded. The old trailer (attached to the Fendt 817) had clamps at the rear that held (like a press) the bales in the first row and this new trailer (attached to the John Deere 6150 R), the bales are supported instead of clamped. The old system, sometimes causes breaks in the strings and with this change the problem has been eliminated... you can see it in the video in the download section.

Versión en español.

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