11 March 2021

Post-emergence treatment on Tocayo wheat

As the campaign progresses, we change tasks in the field.  Once soil preparation and sowing of winter crops (cereals, legumes and oleaginous) are coming to an end we have to focus on nutrition and crop care tasks. Regarding these tasks, last week we began to carry out a phytosanitary treatment on Tocayo wheat. This wheat was sown at the end of October so the soil has not been moved for many months and therefore many weeds have sprung up, which must be controlled if we want to have a good yield. 

Phytosanitary treatments are becoming more and more frequent and essential if you want to have a healthy and clean crop. The use of phytosanitary products is undoubtedly booming. In our case, I remember a few years ago we rarely used our sprayer and now we use it very frequently for both pre-emergence (just after sowing) and post-emergence (late winter and spring) treatments. 

On this occasion we have carried out a post-emergence treatments with the following products: 

  • Broadway Star: highly effective herbicide against brome grass (Piroxsulam 7,08% w/w and Florasulam 1,42% w/w ). 
  • Tradecorp Ganater: broad spectrum herbicide, effective for the control of grasses and dicotyledons. 
  • PG Superwetting: wetting agent that improves herbicide penetration and adhesion.   

If we focus on Ganater (because is the newest), it is a new herbicide that has an innovative mixture of 3 complementary active ingredients: Diflufenican 40% w/w, Florasulam 2% w/w and Iodosulfuron methyl sodium 5% w/w. It is ideal for weed control in barley, wheat, rye and triticale at a dose of 150-200 g/he and a water dose of 200-400 l/he. 

As you can see in our photos and video, our field has a large variety and abundance of weeds, so we expect the treatment to be effective. We will follow up and show you developments in the coming weeks... we hope to have the field completely clean. 

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