29 November 2022

Factory (II). Ovlac

Last summer we visited the Ovlac factory in Venta de Baños (Palencia). Since we bought our Ovlac mini chisel cultivator in the year 2016, we were looking forward to visiting the Ovlac factory. The ovlac staff always told us that they were waiting for us whenever we wanted to go so we could see the entire manufacturing process. So last summer we did the visit and spent a very interesting morning as you can see in our photos and video. 

Ovlac is a leading Spanish manufacturer of soil preparation equipment, consisting of a family company dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery since 1936, now has its third generation. Ovlac currently has a staff of around 80 professionals and modern facilities of more than 20,000 square meters. It has state-of-the-art construction techniques and its own Research and Development department, resulting in high quality implements. Ovlac exports about 60% of its production to more than 20 countries, where quality assurance is an essential requirement, such as the markets of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and other countries such as Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and China. 

 Below you can see Ovlac's portfolio of implements, all of them for soil preparation:

  • Ploughs
    •   Reversible mounted
    •   Reversible semimounted
    •   Conventional mounted
    •   Conventional semimounted
    •   Xperience
  • Shallow Ploughs
    •   Mini-S (semi mounted Mini)
    •   Mini-N
    •   Mini
  • Cultivators
    •   XLander GC
    •   XLander
    •   Versatill
  • Disc Harrows
    •   Maxidisc II
    •   Eurodisc
  • Vineyard
    •   Reptill
    •   Minichisel Vineyard
    •   Minivid

Returning to our visit, one of the things immediately caught our attention was that we could record absolutely anything we wanted. We were not limited in any way and that the entire factory was at our disposition. As we were told, there were no secrets there, just a desire to work and do things well... you can see it in our video and photos. 

Regarding the factory, everything is very methodical, and the manufacturing process is very rigorous. This process goes through different phases or stations from material reception, machining, welding (mostly robotized), painting, assembly, and dispatch.  Another thing that caught our attention and demonstrates the exquisite treatment they give to the manufactured implements is that the implements are kept indoors all the time until they are shipped... it is a detail that we liked very much. We encourage you to watch the video where you can see the whole manufacturing process. 

We take the opportunity to thank the people of Ovlac and especially Jorge (Manager) for the friendly and cordial treatment they gave us during our visit. Thank you very much.

Versión en español.

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