17 March 2023

Cereals. Works until harvesting days

After sowing and sprouting, we are still working on winter cereals. The tasks to be done until harvesting are basically based on three tasks: fertilisation, compaction and weeding.  

In this post you can see our fertilisation strategy, this year we have chosen the fertiliser Marte45 from the Spanish manufacturer Medifer with a dose of 240kg/he. It is a fertiliser that we have used in several previous years with very good results and it is also the one we have found at a reasonable cost (although too expensive compared to the previous years prices). Let's wait for the rains so that the plant can absorb all the fertiliser. 

We will wait for it to rain so that the fertilizer could be taken by the soil plants. 

On the other hand, after the mulch fertilisation, we have rolled the soil to compact it. The goal is to better fix the root to the soil and the stones we have hidden in the ground so that we can have a more comfortable harvest job. For this task we have used our new roller, from the manufacturer Gaher Metalic

The next job, and perhaps the last one before harvesting, is to apply the necessary phytosanitary treatments to kill weeds and to take care of the plant if we detect any disease... but we will surely talk about this in another post. 

Versión en español.

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