18 July 2023

Harvesting 2023. Annus horribilis

A bad year, a very bad year, in terms of cereal and pulse vegetables crops. As our great friend Helio likes to say in Latin when he speaks about agricultural machinery sales: “Annus horribilis”. The fact is that we have hardly been able to harvest and the cereal fields that have been harvested have had an average yield of around 700kg/ha. We do not remember a year as bad as this one, although we have had bad ones, for example, in 2005 and 1995, but not so bad.

From mid-January to the end of May only about 40 mm of rainfall and this drought has resulted in a 90% loss of production. From the end of May and during the first days of June it rained what it had not rained before (around 150 mm) but for many fields it was already too late and even harmful, because this rain . The rains may have been good for some pulse vegetables that were sown late. The hope that remains for us is that the rains have been very good for the olive groves, which this year we have plenty of olives (we hope to have a good harvest) and for sunflower, which we sowed early and is currently doing very well. For now, it is a year to forget, and the economic losses will be significant.

Finally, in our video we present you the company Bombón Servi Agrícola. A transport company that focuses its activity in the agricultural world mainly on the supply of livestock: pulp, fodder, straw, grain and manure removal. In our village they work during the cereal and leguminous crops harvesting season, carrying the grain. This year has also been bad for them... let's hope that next year will be good for everyone.

Versión en español.

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